Sunday, March 17, 2013

Personal and professional integrity

   Being raised by two veteran service members, and as an American Veteran, I've learned the value of the chain of command, as well as the values of personal and professional integrity.

   There are some things you just *don't* do when it comes to your home or workplace.  For example, if there's a written company policy that states there is a zero tolerance for the possession or use of alcohol or drugs allowed on company property, you don't do it.  Now, granted there are several states utilizing Medicinal Marijuana statutes, and if it's legal for you to carry & use because you're sick, then by Gods & Goddesses, use it.  Just don't force me to have to deal with you because I can't handle the scent of it on you, or because I think it's wrong for people to abuse the privilege.

   For those of us who are BP, we have a tough time with personal and professional integrity because we are labeled from the beginning.  That is, if you've been outspoken enough to let people into that personal side of you.

   Just because we're different doesn't mean we should be automatically labeled as liars, cheaters, thieves, connivers, people who are out to get others, manipulators, etc.  We should be able to be taken at face value, that our word is our bond, like almost everyone else.  And the sad fact of the matter is, we aren't.

   I'm in a situation right now at work where my personal and professional ethics are coming into play.  I've become a whistleblower on certain actions being taken by my co-workers and the inaction of my superiors.  I'm pretty sure that they aren't quite aware yet of my medical/mental status, but if they ever do find out, I strongly feel that I would no longer have a job.  Is it right?  No.  Is it fair?  Absolutely not.  Is it par for the course?  Resoundingly, yes.

   But my question to you is this:  what would you do if your personal and professional ethics were being questioned?  How would you deal it?  Would you cave in and quit your job or give up on trying to make things right?  Or would you continue down the path of sticking to your morals and seeing the issue through?

   Let me hear you, internet!  I'd like to know.  These are the questions floating around about the lyfeinmyhead.


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