Wednesday, January 22, 2014


You think you're safe, all tucked away in your room.
When your mind closes in around you with quickening doom.
Wild eyed and frantic, you see what draws near.
The only sound is the voice whispering in your ear.
"Stop it," you mumble, hoping it heard.
"No," it responds, just one simple word.
"Go away," you state, a bit louder now.
"I don't want to," it says. Now you're having a cow.
"LEAVE ME ALONE," you shout; this time it should go.
"But I can't," it replies, in matter of fact tone.
"I am you, and you are me. I'm the voice inside your head, you see."
"You're nothing like me," you cry, thinking all hope is lost.
"I'll stay with you," it says, "No matter what, at all cost."
You scream and you cry. You cry and you scream.
Hoping beyond hope that this is all but a dream.
As you look in the mirror you see a faint flicker of hope.
If you take those pills the doctor gave you, hey it's better than dope.
As they take their time to work their way 'round, your eyelids get heavy.
They fall down, down, down.
You lay your head softly on the pillow, it's sleep that you seek.
Before consciousness leaves you, you begin to speak.
"Go away you big piece of shit. If you're here in the morning, I'll kick your ass then."
"No you won't, kid. I'll see you in the morning, at 10."

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